Whatever this is, is just a shell.

Cuz that moment has already gone

and what’s gonna happen next?

Will my acne persist another year?

Sure hope so actually, old friend,

known it more than half my life.

What about the gray hairs?

Novel new textures

so much more wiry than the others.

How many wrinkles will whittle more stories?

Can my brain handle one more year of grad school?

It’s questionable.

One thing’s certain,

student loan debt will continue. 

Diving to new exhilarating depths.

Will my humility hold-on for the ride!?

Will I see the ocean? 

Or an old friend? Or a new friend?

Will I remember to give thanks

for each and everybasic need being met


What will this shell experience?




Whatever this is, goes further.

What will be born of this heart?

What will fall away? 

Will I remember the importance

of symbolism and bonfires?

Will the rains return?

Will it be a year of tears

or a year of cheers?

Really, most often, I cheer with tears,

that’s been for a long time. 

Will I tell myself deep truths? 

Will I say, ah I understand or wtf?!?

or help me understand?

Will the lingering shadows,

which can’t be seen with the naked eye,

but eyes closed…now, see them?…

will they walk through the door of my heart

and write a chapter in this mythology called





This is a cliffhanger

A one-foot-in-front-of-the-other journey

What’s gonna happen next?

30 Days of Permission

Jacob's Well