On The Road

First the Orders came (or at least what I perceive as Orders). Move away from Austin, Texas and open the door to return to California. Specifically Southern California, more specifically Ventura and Santa Barbara, the towns of my youth. Then, the day came. I finished TCM/Integrative Medicine school, took my fourth and final board exam and moved out of my house in Austin all in the same week. It wasn’t pretty, but it got done.

The drive from Austin to New Mexico was harried. To uproot is a big deal. It doesn’t feel like a time to go into all the demons that come up with roots get pulled up. This does feel like a time to share how bright the colors of the world feel these days. I am wide-eyed at our political climate. Open-eyed at our collective masculine/feminine dynamic. It is all coming up for review. As I pull up roots much about the ways I relate in these dynamics is up for review. This is what I live for, review, revolution, evolution. There is nothing more interesting to me that the inner workings of our consciousness.

Now that I am done with grad school (for the time being) I have time to read chosen books. One of these is Everyday Magnificent by Gabriela Masala. It is a workbook of contemplative practices. I wanted something to carry with me on my travels and as I land in a new home to remind me of the magic that is the undercurrent of transitional times. I am moving slower these days. Looking into the eyes of the people I pass in the streets. Responding to the random comments or questions presented to me in seemingly random places. The colors around me are vibrant and the scenery is new. Driving through northern New Mexico yesterday blew my mind. The aspens were changing color from green to yellow to red. Fall was happening all around me. The wind was warm, then cold, then fresh, then strong then a gentle breeze. My skin wanted to feel the fresh air. I have never felt this content and alive. What a gift fresh air, clean water, and soil is.

Mandala of this time in the aspens

Mandala of this time in the aspens

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