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Energetic bodywork is described as this by a beloved teacher...the physical body is the most dense expression of the larger energetic body. By addressing issues at a more subtle level, there is less resistance to change and healing can progress more rapidly. When only addressing issues at the physical level, one can encounter tremendous resistance, but by working with subtle energy, blockages can be transmuted and lasting healing can become grounded in the physical body. Energetic Bodywork opens the door for a deep sense of restoration by bringing awareness to the information residing in our subtle energetic anatomy. Our brains filter out this awareness in the everyday fast-paced world. However, there is profound wisdom and healing that can be accessed when we drop into the relaxed state that energy work unlocks.

My interest in the physical and energetic body and healing work has been a 12-year journey which includes the study of energetics, nature, anatomy and subtle anatomy.  As well as studies in yoga as a registered yoga teacher, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbalism.

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"Dresden is one of the most intuitive healers I've come across in my long, holistic healing journey. She knows when and how to hold space for me and my thoughts, and then magically chimes in at the perfect time with gentle prompts that often shift my whole outlook.
I feel at ease in Dresden's presence and know her years of experience and warm heart will guide me to a better place each time I come in for a session. Her knowledge of Chinese herbs help maintain our progress when I can't come in to see her. She is always happy to answer my questions with a smile. Dresden offers something rare that will stick with you. Highly recommend and will be returning for years to come."