The use of acupuncture needles, cupping and bodywork to address structural issues in the body as well as facilitate the body’s return to homeostasis. Acupuncture has been shown to have an effect on internal medicine as well. It is a trusted practice for health and wellness.

Chinese herbal medicine

The use of Chinese and western herbs to support the body from the inside out.

Energetic Bodywork

Energetic bodywork is a gentle hands-on therapy that addresses healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. By addressing issues existing at these more subtle levels, energetic bodywork can transmute blockages allowing for lasting healing to become grounded in the physical body.

9-Star ki group consultations

Under the guidance of, and in collaboration with, the expertise of Michael Becherer we create a template based on 5-Element theory for an existing team/group of people. We have worked with small organizations, families, and colleagues to map out natural strengths, possible places of weakness and how to tap into each persons natural tendencies to maximize potential.

“9 Star Ki is a Japanese adaptation of ancient Chinese wisdom. With it, we can identify the core energetic patterns, tendencies and dynamics at work in our world. When applied with simplicity and precision, 9 Star Ki attunes us to live in harmony with nature’s cycles. Its wisdom allows us to more skillfully navigate our relationship to all of life.” -Michael Becherer Visit Michael’s website here